Breath in action

Breath is a one-of-a-kind, hand-built, gaff rigged, small tall ship. When they talk about a boat with character, this is what they mean. She stands out from the crowd.

Breath is not just another tourist boat. She's a real ship with a colorful history. Breath is the biggest boat ever to be built on St. John, USVI and over the last 20 years has become a part of St. John's sailing lore.

Breath is a native of St. John, US Virgin Islands. She has crossed oceans, explored seas, ascended rivers in Africa, run drugs (antibiotics) to a children's hospital in Haiti during the '94 embargo, imported wine from St. Barths as well as calabashes and djembe drums from West Africa and tile from Venezuela.

Breath has criss-crossed the Caribbean looking for the choicest snorkeling - and found it - would you believe right here in the Virgins where we take you? Seriously, one of our goals is to show you the best snorkeling of your vacation, and usually we succeed.

The secluded islands to the east of St. John VI can only be reached by boat – and Breath is the ideal boat. Under full traditional rig she’s a classic sailing vessel, while under power a big diesel gives her the capability of a trawler. Stable, sturdy as a boulder, Breath can take you where you want to go.